Frequently asked questions...

Can I reach the festival with a small car?

Is not recommended. Lowered cars in particular should be avoided, as 65km of gravel pads have to be covered.

Can I bring animals?

No, animals please stay at home

Can I buy food and drinks on site?

Yes, there is full catering - from delicious food, coffee and cake to ice cold draft beer and schnapps

Can I braai there?

Yes, you can braai at your camping spot. Please bring your own fire wood!

How can I pay on site?

Cash and point of sale

Is there internet at Farm Sphinxblick?

No. SOA is an internet free zone :)

What is the weather like there in October?

Relatively fresh to cold at night; pleasantly warm to hot during the day

Are there showers and toilets?

Yes, there are toilets with running water and hot open air showers on site

Is there enough shade on the camping are?

There are shade trees, however it is advisable to bring some extra Gazebos!

Is there security on site?

Yes, security personnel are on site

Is there first aid on site?

Yes, first aid personnel are on site; but no ambulance

Is the SOA sold out?

Not yet, but the festival was completely sold out in 2021, 2022 & 2023

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